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The ‘I am What I am’ Ticket

AKA ‘The Respect’ or ‘Walk the Walk’ Ticket

The pundits are doubting that a conservative VP pick can win over middle of the road voters, and former Clinton supporters. However, this ticket not only takes on the appealing reformer mantle, but both the top and bottom of the ticket are not even close to being run of the mill politicians. They are both a sort of, ‘I am what I am’ style candidate. McCain routinely opens his town hall meeting with the acknowledgment that many may not agree with him all issues. He offers respect for people and positions that are different from his own beliefs, as evident through friendships with Clinton, Biden, Feingold, Kennedy, and others; as well as his substantial bipartisan work in the Senate.

Palin, on the other hand, brings this ‘I am what I am’ quality to the ticket in a completely different way. Her conservative values make sense. A hunter, NRA member, and pro-drilling hockey mom with an Alaskan backdrop fits. These aren’t as much political philosophies as a way of life. She excites the conservative base with her views, but her appeal is broader because she walks the walk, and is a reformer who has consistently battled corruption.

It’s interesting to watch the press be critical of Governor Palin’s experience as she has spent more time in elected office than Senator Obama and is the only one in this race with executive experience. There is a legitimate argument that Palin has more experience than Obama, as she has a more substantial legislative record and Senator Obama’s time in office has been spent running for President. The media claims that Senator Obama is more qualified because he has been in debates and has spent more time in the public eye, which is far from a compelling argument.

The Obama campaign may find themselves in a bind as attacking Palin on experience could likely come off condescending since her experience is at least comparable to their top of the ticket. Also, the media’s persistent predictions that women will never vote for a pro-life ticket, as if that is the only issue that matters to women (which also assumes that all women are pro-choice) is both condescending and foolish. Like any issue it may persuade some not to vote Republican, but to assume women are a monolithic narrow minded voting block is a huge part of the reason Clinton supporters and other women are turned off by the Obama campaign.

The reason Clinton supporters may support McCain/Palin is pointedly summed up at Confluence in the article Obama/Biden Palin Comparison

The reason that some of us will support Palin, even though we may not agree with all of her political positions, is that she is not an illegitimate candidate. She did not steal votes from her opponent. She did not smear us with charges of racism. She actually has a lot in common with some of us (mother, businesswoman, athlete, etct). And the man that will be her boss showed us that he is at least listening and aware of our presence. He didn’t flick us off his shoulder and tell us we weren’t needed. He didn’t play the abusive boyfriend and say “where else are you gonna go babe?”.

2 Responses to “The ‘I am What I am’ Ticket”

  1. “The pundits are doubting that a conservative VP pick can win over middle of the road voters, and former Clinton supporters.”

    Let the Demockacrat-liberal-leftist punditocracy doubt all it wishes.

    They and the DLLs, and their fascistic standard bearer Obama, or whatever his real name might be, can ponder that between now and Election Day.

    Ant then they can ponder that for at least the next four years, while President McCain and Vice President Palin are in office.

  2. I agree 100% Kmorrison,

    Since your name is Katherine, I think it safe to assume you know whence you speak about the women’s vote far better than I. I’ve already gone on record writing that it is a mistake to think of the female voting block as a one issue pony. There are more things which concern women, and many more of them oppose abortion than the left cares to admit.

    I watched Michelle Malkin talk to an African American woman about what goes on in an abortion clinic. Now the left assumes that all blacks share their public point of view. But the disgust on her face when she found out that aborted babies who survive the procedure and are viable are simply thrown into the trash to die was something to see. Methinks the left assumes too much. As you wrote, just like an abusive boyfriend.

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