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OMG I’m Watching the First Female Vice President

The test for Governor Palin was to see if she could perform on the big stage. Could she handle the pressure? Could she handle the criticism? Oh yeah! She can handle it. She just crushed her critics, and showed the media for what they are, glorified gossip hounds. While the media sulks, lets look at what was so amazing about this speech. She talked details, no sweeping generalities, but hard facts on current issues. She gave her background and explained how her experience as Governor and as mayor has prepared her for being VP. She addressed her family, and laid to rest the swirl of nasty remarks made over the weekend. She championed small town America, and echoed the theme of service and country. Finally, she destroyed the opposition. From nailing Harry Reed, to shooting down the Obama campaign’s message of hope and change as an empty rhetoric that lacked action, to deflating the Obama campaign’s attacks on her experience by flipping those remarks onto Obama himself. This speech had it all and Governor Palin knocked it out of the park.

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  2. OMG we may be watching the first female President. She’s as effective a speaker as Reagan. She’s so good she’s dangerous.

  3. She hit it out of the park tonight. I liked her the first time I heard her speak, and after tonight I like her even more. I can’t wait for the debates between Sarah and Biden. It will probably be much more interesting than the debates between McCain and Biden. There is no doubt in my mind that she can rise to any challenge.

  4. I meant to say between McCain and Obama. I think it’s time to go to bed. lol! good night!

  5. Dangerous is not even remotely the adjective needed to describe this woman. I am still hesitant about using “phenom” though, I will hold off on that till after the Biden/Palin debate. Although, I think NeObama and Borepheus(Biden) bit off a little more than they could chew out this moose killer.


    PS Hope you don’t mind I Blogrolled your site in a new Indie blogroll I am starting.

  6. Speech was great. She did well given the situation and the controversy she is surrounded with.

  7. Hey Obama, The One, meet Sarah, The Natural!

  8. Yes indeed; she was great. She is truly one of us; and that is what has the Left terrified. Now look for the Left Wing Hate Machine to move into high gear. It will be her trial by fire. She will do fine. I believe that she may be the future of the conservative movement.

  9. You’re watching the first female President!

  10. Well, now we know that Sarah Pallin can read a speech she didn’t write from a teleprompter. Other than last night, she really hasn’t looked at all comfortable in front of the cameras. One would think that a former beauty queen and professional TV news anchor would have more poise and that her training would have helped her in this regard.

    What I’d love to know is what the bread and butter Republicans - not the ones at the RCC, not the ones spinning the rhetoric - think of this selection. I’ve heard from some yellow dog R’s that they are very concerned that the VP nominee is this green and that they may not even vote this time around because it reflects poorly on Senator McCain’s judgment. And she is green - regardless of whether Obama is or isn’t experienced - Pallin is so new to this game that one must give pause. You have to.

    And I have to say…, there are no winners in this war, there is no victory, ilke this nominee suggested. To suggest that the US has been or will be triumphant is really a disturbing characterization of this world event. I’m not sure how one “wins.” If one combatant loses fewer troops than another, is this victory? Is there a “death threshhold?” And besides, neither McCain nor Obama nor Pallin nor Biden is commanding these troops or writing the strategy. No one wins in these situations and it is unfortunate to hear it suggested otherwise.

  11. My wife and I watched Sarah Palin last night.

    We were impressed. Sure, she read a speech which was written bt sombody else who worked cloesly with her on it. But then, so does Obama, and Biden, and Hillary, and McCain, and just about everybody else in politics.

    Ever notice how lost Obama gets when he dosen’t have a prepared speech or talking points to guide him? Or when he doesn’t have a heads-up on the questions he gets asked? His abysmal performance at the “showdown” at the church is a case in point. And he had a heads-up on at least one question at that.

    McCain, has already demonstrated his ability to think on his feet. Sarah Palin is an unknown factor in that regard. She’ll have to prove herself in that regard. And she’ll be facing much more hostile questions than the MSN ever had the nerve to hit Obama with.

    We’ll see.

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  13. What’s not to like about Sarah? She’s the “one” we’ve all been waiting for…and the Dems are scared to death of her!


  14. Yep, we were watching the first woman to be vice president.

    And the one who, in either 2012 or 2016, will be the first woman president.

    McCain-Palin ‘08!

  15. Very impressive. At lying. And at using that sweet, innocent little baby (who should have been home sleeping or being rocked in mommy’s arms) as a political tool. Disgusting. I was purple. But the idea of HER becoming president is turning me…. ugh….. blue.

  16. Elsa - what you are saying is disrespectful to all the women out their that raise their children while working full time.

    I raised to wonderful children, at some point after my divorce, I was a single mom of two children and yes one of them was a hockey player, my daughter was in ballet. I worked full-time, went to school part-time, was at every game (moved my schedule around when I could) and has a wonderful family as a support team.

    Believe it or not - women can multi-task. Please do not deminish the advance women have had in this past century.

    We have advanced to the point where we will see a Female Executive in office.

    I am beyond excited about this woman. By the way, her husband is around to help hold the child as well - amazing a man and woman working as a team to raise children.

    For all of you women who have issues with this - you are the ones that are backwards. I see her as progressive and showing the rest of us that all things are possible.

    I’m independent and you can bet your bottom dollar I am voting for a man with experience and integrity and a woman with experience and integrity.

    I’ve donated for the first time in my life to a campaign.

    I don’t support empty suits that steal elections from more qualifed candidates because his constitutes felt that it was safer to put a black man on a ticket instead of a woman.

    Big mistake.

    McCain/Palin ‘08

  17. By the way, she doesn’t have to use the sweet innocent baby - she choose to keep him instead of killing him - amazing - maybe she’s somehow a liar about that also.

    You are so ridiculous - why don’t you at least argue about something with substenance instead of innuendos.

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