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Gender Politic’s Role Reversal

Well it’s a new day!  Mayor Guiliani and Governor Huckabee are angered by the main stream media’s sexism towards Governor Palin, and Gloria Steinem is belittling the experience of the first ever female Republican VP nominee.

Mayor Giuliani’s Convention Speech, “How dare they question whether Palin will have enough time to spend with her children while vice president? When do they ever ask a man that question?”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Thursday accused the mainstream news media of engaging in “shocking” sexism in its coverage of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the GOP’s new vice presidential nominee.”

Gloria Stienem, “This isn’t the first time a boss has picked an unqualified woman just because she agrees with him and opposes everything most other women want and need.”

What’s troubling with Ms. Stienem’s postition is two fold.  First, she’s undermining the Republican’s #2 for lack of experience when the Dems #1 has the thinnest resume of any Presidential nominee in history.  Second, she’s determining what is important to all women.  Yet again, all that is supposed to matter to women is equal pay legislation (which many believe is ineffective) and the issue of choice.  National security, energy, health care, foreign policy, all apparently not issues for women.

On the other hand, two political figures who no one would have predicted becoming champions of women’s rights are calling the media on their bizarre obsession with Governor Palin’s family life.  The media’s double standard has been so blatant that people across the political spectrum (with the possible exception of a handful of people way to the left) are telling the media to knock it off and focus on issues.

4 Responses to “Gender Politic’s Role Reversal”

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  2. both palin and obama had the opportunity to become post feminist and minority (respectively) candidates. the msm and feminists are trying to drag palin back into the preconceived 1950’s “role” of women while obama is the one that keeps dragging himself into the 1950’s pre-black or african american by continually bringing up how different he looks and how his name is unlike those on the dollar bills. well, sarah’s name nor her gender looks like the guys on the dollar bills either, but she isn’t the one bringing it up. both have had the opportunity to respond to sexism and racism in the country. in my mind, one succeeded and one failed…by shooting himself in the foot.

  3. CNN MSNBC CBS.They still do not get it .The more they attack her,the more I,not anybody else love Palin more.I will vote for the Republican ticket this year.

  4. good points-you never hear palin whining and crying and pointing out this or that—quite the opposite—I just love how she held up that priceless baby of hers-obama knows less about being black than white people do-sure some people might not vote for him because of his color but just as many or more will vote for him because he is black (or black looking)-the guy is a three dollar bill and it is getting obvious-and I just love it when single people take it upon themselves to speak for “most women” or “all of europe” like that dope at mtv awards-

    -ironic obama has run on hope and change because he is a depression about to happen-when quotes of his come across I think “crap what is he complaining about now” they are out to get me-the naysayers-they think you’re stupid-actually we are beginning to think that for all your education and IQ you are stupid—he has a negative stereotype for everyone who doesn’t bow down to him and the people he bows down to—mr hope is a depressing guy-and if he gets in then him pelosi and reid will depress first the country then the world

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