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Return to Reform

Fair to say this hasn’t been Senator McCain’s best week. The good news is that Senator Obama hasn’t been terribly strong this week either. Senator McCain grabbed onto the theme of reform during the convention, and he should stick to that theme. That message works. He has a history of fighting waste, of working across party lines, and so does Governor Palin. Reform works because its specific, and not some grand promise of change that does not detail what needs ‘changing’. The campaigns had a back and forth this week that was tedious. Tackle reform whether it is the government, the economy; champion the idea of limited government and lower taxes, and the campaign can take back the message. Tax and spend policies don’t help in hard economic times, and McCain is right to keep taxes low, reform government, limit spending, and provide more sources of energy to bring down gas and energy prices and progress towards energy independence. The McCain campaign has the issues on their side they just need to articulate them better in the coming weeks.

2 Responses to “Return to Reform”

  1. Let’s see now….nice overview of the situation, I guess. There do seem to be some glaring omissions though. How about the multiple efforts put forth to put some “reform” in place to head off the much recognized runaway Fannie/Freddie situation. Though there was at one attempt a GOP lead congress the proposal was shut down by the Dems. The 2005 effort put forth by John McCain, etal was also shot down by none other than Barney Frank. If anyone isn’t sure about this just go to the Senate Bill S190 (109th)http://www.govtrack.us/congress/record.xpd?id=109-s20060525-16&bill=s109-190
    There’s a whole lot of “audacity” and it’s come from Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama (who has filed suits to make sure people who couldn’t qualify would get loans).
    Don’t be fooled. Check out the facts for yourself because the media isn’t going to tell you about this.

  2. The media needs to do it’s job and not take sides.
    Poor policies fostered upon us by the government have been a principal cause of this financial crisis.The banking system made it too easy for ordinarily unqualified people to obtain loans.
    We have had some congressional leaders obtaining campaign donations from execs at Fannie and Freddie.One presidential candidate has or did have staffers from one of the mortgage giants and the senate banking committee chairman received a sweet heart deal with regards to interest rate from Countrywide as well as a campaign donation from Fannie or Freddie !
    One wonders if anyone at Treasury saw this crisis coming or the Bush adminstration liked this mortgage policy as well .
    Barack Obama blames the Bush administration for everything but he supposedly never endorsed McCain’s reform some years ago which may have stopped the mortgage bubble from busting .

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