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Lighten Up Atheists and Christians

It’s the Holiday season, and apparently silly season too. An atheist group put up a sign at a Nativity scene criticizing religion (apparently these atheists proselytize). The sign was then taken down and thrown in a ditch. And away we go with the hyper-sensitive debates that surround the holidays each year. Sort of rude and unneccesary to put up an anti-religion sign up by a Christmas scene, but also sort of rude and unneccesary to throw the sign in the ditch. Suppose this will be followed by pc debate about whether to use ‘Christmas’ or ‘Holiday’ in seasonal greetings. So my holiday Christmas wish is that everyone lighten up, and skip this year’s silly debate about holiday terminology. Who cares if someone calls a Christmas tree a Holiday tree? Who cares if someone says Merry Christmas to an atheist? So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and Sayonara…

An atheist sign criticizing Christianity that was erected alongside a Nativity scene was taken from the Legislative Building in Olympia, Washington, Friday and later found in a ditch.

A country radio station employee in Seattle told CNN affiliate KIRO-TV the sign was turned in to the station by someone who found it in a ditch.

“I thought it would be safe,” Freedom From Religion Foundation co-founder Annie Laurie Gaylor told CNN. “It’s always a shock when your sign is censored or stolen or mutilated. It’s not something you get used to.”

The sign, which celebrated the winter solstice, had some residents and Christian organizations calling atheists Scrooges because they said it was attacking the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth.

From CNN - Atheist sign disappears from Washington state Capitol

2 Responses to “Lighten Up Atheists and Christians”

  1. Lighten up, indeed. But before you deckare that these atheists proselytize, you might want to see the actual sign - included here
    It’s not exactly ‘criticism” as much as what atheism is all about.

  2. I was being sarcastic :) . They certainly have every right to put up the sign, but it does strike me as a little rude/unneccesary to put it next to a manger scene. Sort of like yelling ‘there’s no Santa Clause’ in a mall full of kids waiting to have their picture taken with Santa.

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