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Media Gives Democrats Pass on Charges of Racism

Noel Sheppard of NewsBusters notes the cases where charges of racism are heaped on Republicans, while Democrats are given a pass even when the infraction is blatant.  

Even more curious, a claim of racism by black Congressman Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) concerning the refusal by Reid and associates to seat Roland Burris last Tuesday also went largely ignored. The evening news programs on the three broadcast networks, despite paying a tremendous amount of attention to Burris not being seated, didn’t mention Rush’s accusation that night. Neither did CNN. Ditto the print versions of The New York Times and The Washington Post the following day.

Yet, these same media outlets last year were quick to label as racist virtually anything said about Obama by the McCain campaign:

  • If the campaign referred to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, that was racist.
  • If the campaign referred to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that was racist.
  • If the campaign referred to Obama’s middle name, that was racist.
  • If the campaign showed pictures of former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines in an ad, that was racist.
  • If the campaign showed pictures of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in an ad, that was racist.
  • If the campaign showed a picture of an old white woman in an ad, that was racist.

BUT, months later when a Democrat allegedly blocked the appointment of a black senator, it was met with a huge yawn by these same press outlets. Why?

This article Will Obama End Racism Among Democrats? rightfully notes one of the many double standards of journalists today. Journalism in the last year or so has moved from a simple bias to actively promoting a national agenda. They picked the president, and they now compare him to JFK, FDR, and Lincoln before he has even served a day in office, which ironically is not serving Senator Obama well as that puts the expectations bar insanely high. However more to the point, attempts at balanced reporting are excedingly rare.

This isn’t an issue of liberalism versus conservatism, it is an issue of good information. Most people rely on the main stream media for their political information, and they are not being well served.  There needs to be accountability in the media, yet at this point that is seriously lacking and people are being fed spin instead of information on a routine basis.

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