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Palin and McCain Address Obama Ayers in Interview

McCain Palin Interview with Sean Hannity

HANNITY: Governor, you in the last couple of days, this past Saturday, The New York Times came out with an article about the relationship between Senator Obama and a man by the name of Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers takes credit for — of all days — in The New York Times, September 11th 2001 says, I don’t regret setting bombs, I wish we did more. A man who admits to bombing the Pentagon, the Capitol, New York City police headquarters, whose motto was — get all the rich people, break their cars and houses, and go home and kill your parents. How big — we expected this would come up last night in the debate. It did not. What — what more do you want to know about this relationship? What does it tell you about Barack Obama?

PALIN: Tells me again we need to question his judgment. And — not only those terrorist activities that Bill Ayers was involved in, but the questions need to be asked, I believe, when did Barack Obama know of these activities? We’ve heard so many confliction stories, and flip-flop answers about when he knew the guy, did he realize that he knocked off his political career in the guy’s living room?

First it was yes, and then it was no. It comes down to again, judgment and truthfulness and a candidate’s character.

HANNITY: Well we know — we know that he did kick off his political career —

PALIN: Right.

HANNITY: — in his house. The year was ‘95. You know they sat on multiple boards together. We know they’ve given speeches together. We know there’s been sort of a back and forth financially. Ayers contributing to Obama, Obama sort of working some money back through them.

What questions, Senator, would you like answered as it relates to this relationship? And do you think the American people should care about this?

MCCAIN: I think they should care about Senator Obama’s truthfulness. I don’t care much about an old terrorist and his wife who are still unrepentant. By the way, she was as much or more active than Mr. Ayers was.

But the point is, it’s not about them. It’s about Senator Obama being candid and straight forward with the American people about their relationship. He has dismissed it by saying he was just a guy in the neighborhood. You know it’s much more than that. Let’s reveal all the details of that relationship and then the American people can make a judgment.

Senator McCain also stated later in the interview that Senator Obama’s association with ACORN should also be vetted. There are several problems with the Obama Ayers and Obama ACORN connections. What McCain Palin pointed to mostly was Senator Obama’s dishonesty. He has made statements about Ayers being a casual acquaintance and reports from both the New York Times, the National Review, and other publications show that is simply false.

The second problem speaks both to judgment and philosophy. This is isn’t just a question about whether Obama showed bad judgment in kicking off his political career in Ayers’ and Dohrn’s home, or that he didn’t distance himself from a violent radical. It is a question of whether he believes in radicalism. He has been a twenty year member of a church that openly preaches black liberation theology, and now he has definitive ties to a known domestic terrorist. He made a land deal with a convicted felon. He worked as a trainer for ACORN a group that routinely uses in intimidation, and whose Las Vegas office was just raided a couple days ago on charges of fraud. Senator Obama’s eloquence does not negate his shady history. He escaped being vetted during the primaries, but now these questions can’t be avoided.

7 Responses to “Palin and McCain Address Obama Ayers in Interview”

  1. Actually, the NYT story conformed that Obama and Ayers were casual acquaintances. Get your facts straight. I havn’t seen anything that offers any thing other than overblown inferences that claims otherwise.

    As for ACORN, that accusation too is spurious. ACORN had nothing to do with Illilnois ProjectVote nor has Obama ever been an employee of ACORN. Although, since the accusations against ACORN are not well substantiated either, I fail to see why this accusation is as problematic as you all seem to think

  2. Irene Kessler, the NYT is hardly a plausible source of accurate info when it comes to Obama. And you suggest that Obama has never been an employee of ACORN-he was their counsel and also their trainer in Chicago. And open your eyes-accusations against ACORN are extraordinarily well substantiated. They’re just ignored by the KoolAid drinkers who refuse to accept anything negative about their Messiah.

  3. The NYT piece does gloss over the Ayer Obama relationship, but it also does note that Obama kicked off his political career in his and Dorhn’s living room, which indicates that their is more of a tie than ‘just a guy he knows from the neighborhood.’

    The Chicago Annenberg Challenge, is not a passing connection, as they were both highly involved, and Senator Obama’s staments about his connections to Ayers have been misleading at best.

    National Review has researched his ACORN and Ayers connection, and has done several highly substantive pieces about his connections to ACORN, and they directly contradict the false Obama “fact. check” articles. A member of ACORN has even stated that Obama was an ACORN trainer, and was involved with a voter drive that benefitted his own campaign.

  4. Another of Frank Marshall Davis’ friends was Stanley Dunham, Obama’s grandfather. After Obama’s return from Indonesia in 1971, Dunham began to include a teenage Barack on afternoon visits to Davis’ house for talk story sessions and card games. The visits connected Obama with other Blacks


    Obama’s black power communist mentor “Frank” is the link to Ayers and the Chicago DSA.

  5. Frank Marshall Davis was a civil rights advocate, not a black power advocate. There is no evidence of any link between Davis and Ayers.

    As the son of Frank Marshall Davis, I have been fighting a right-wing disinformation campaign, spearheaded by Cliff Kincaid’s “Accuracy In Media” (AIM), that misrepresents the Davis-Obama relationship in an apparent attempt to exaggerate Obama’s radical background. The AIM website is the source of the falsehoods regarding my father. If AIM had actual proof of my father’s radical influence, there would be no reason to fabricate evidence. Frank Marshall Davis was almost lynched as a young boy. I cannot allow Cliff Kincid to repeat history.

    Fortunately, Uncle Sam trained me to recognize and refute such lies. I am a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer, with specific CIA training in Deception Analysis at “The Farm” in 1989. I have documented their falsehoods in my blog at http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/Kaleokualoha, and I invite your readers of integrity to review my proof of AIM’s deliberate misrepresentation. Please refute my analysis, if possible. I believe you will find that the case for AIM disinformation is ironclad.

  6. Readers are free to post links assuming their PG. My argument is that Senator Obama has been deceptive about his relationship with Bill Ayers. That duplicity has lead to the question of why. Does he cover up this and other relationships because he believes it makes him unelectable, or does he cover it up as a way of masking his true beliefs? It’s the last month of the campaign and he’s still unvetted, it’s truly remarkable.

  7. [...] this because the core premise of the McCain/Palin campaign has become that Barack Hussein Obama is a Terrorist-sympathizer, being funded by secret Arab sources, who hates the military and the troops.   As McCain now asks [...]

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