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Obama Campaign Slips Up Again

The latest attack ad by the Obama campaign was not only poorly done as previously noted in the article, Is McCain/Palin in Obama’s Head?; but it turns out to be another incredibly stupid mistake. Senator McCain doesn’t type because of the injuries he sustained to his arms and fingers in Vietnam. The LA Times points out that the Obama campaign sent an email out promising to stick to ‘big issues’ then they released an ad that was one part pointless, and two parts stupid. It’s unlikely the Obama campaign realized why Senator McCain doesn’t email, but it is further evidence that the Obama campaign is floundering. A poorly researched attack ad that is likely to be seen as heartless again deflates the Obama ‘new politics of hope’ argument.

3 Responses to “Obama Campaign Slips Up Again”

  1. “A poorly researched attack ad that is likely to be seen as heartless again deflates the Obama ‘new politics of hope’ argument.”

    When did the Obama campaign ever have any credibility? The candidate himself in non-credible with the biggest advertising machine in history, the press, at his side and “The One” is now slowing slipping in the polls. Better he slip than the continuation of the slow creep of Socialism placed on fast-forward with an Obama victory.

    A small recap: Rev. Wright, William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Woods Fund, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Public Allies, ACORN, Alice Palmer, Jack Ryan, Chicago Machine, Tony Rezko……so much for credibility and this is the very short list. Indeed!

  2. Umm… McCain’s own website describes how he got his Navy wings back after his POW time. Flying a jet is a whole lot harder than operating a mouse and keyboard; the story that McCain can’t use a computer because of war injuries is elephant dung of the highest purity.

  3. Here are the citations - http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2008/09/obama-ad-email.html



    Certainly don’t have any personal knowledge of his injuries, but my understanding is that he left the Navy because he was physically no longer able to fly/perform. Also, damage to the hands that limits dexterity is completely different than injuries that limit gross motor functions.

    If the cited articles are incorrect then I guess it goes back to just being a pointless ad, otherwise it’s a clumsy/unforced error on the Obama campaign.

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