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The Far Left Falls Off Its High Horse

Well so much for the arguments that it is only the right that makes nasty attacks and spreads rumors. It’s an argument that has had holes in it for some time. Anyone who reads the Daily Kos knows that this idea of the far left being politically noble is false, as ridiculing people who are ill or have recently died is about as low as it gets. Also, internet rumors about Senator Obama’s faith are often attributed to the right, when in reality those rumors started early in the primaries making it highly unlikely that they came from Republicans. Yet the left still could have argued that that nastiness and shadiness was just coming from the far reaches of the left; that is until Governor Palin arrived on the scene.

The left’s reaction to Palin has been both hysterical and in many cases vile. The attacks have been on her family, faith, and anything else that came to mind. The rumor mill has not only been working overtime, it has come up with some of the most off-the-wall charges ever. Even more bizarre people seemed to buy into them. One of my favorites is the false charge that Palin called dinosaurs, ‘Lizards of Satan’. Now I’m no religious expert, but even I know that’s one that should have been questioned before being spread around the internet.

The left-leaning media has become equally hysterical. The Weekly Standard notes in its article, Forgive Me Not that the media liked McCain in 2000 because he was running against George Bush, and he lost. It’s not that McCain has changed, its that the media is furious that he might win.

McCain hasn’t changed: He was always a maverick, but a center-right maverick, a Republican maverick, an American exceptionalist, a security hawk, and a social traditionalist. Against George W. Bush and others, his digressions from dogma stood out more in contrast, but against a Democrat such as Barack Obama, he stands out as the center-right hawk that he is. The press wanted him to fight against other Republicans and to lose, or, barring that, to lose to a Democrat. He isn’t complying. That’s their problem, not his.

Their reaction to him picking Palin has been so blatantly biased that networks have been flooded with responses from angry viewers telling them to ‘knock it off’. However, it doesn’t just stop at bias it is this self-righteous indignation that journalist after journalist just can’t seem to contain on air or in their writings.

Then there are the attacks from ‘feminists’, who have shown themselves as actually being leftists. The basic idea of ‘a woman can do anything’ has been abandoned for the idea that a woman must believe certain things. Palin’s story is a story of achievement is completely unacceptable simply because she is conservative. It’s not that she is being criticized on issues by the ‘feminist’ crowd, its that she’s being attacked as not being her own person, for choosing to have five children, for all the personal decisions in her life that feminism originally sought to make the choice of the woman. These attacks have been intensely personal, harsh, and unfair. The sad irony is that the ‘feminists’ are challenging Palin in a way they would have never challenged a male candidate.

The far left, media included, has succeeded at one thing; showing everyone how nasty, biased, and close-minded they really are.

15 Responses to “The Far Left Falls Off Its High Horse”

  1. Bush Method:
    Choose staff members who are strictly right wing loyalists,
    Let them remain in power until their incompetence either screws
    the public or they get investigated for some crime.

    McCain Method:
    Choose staff members who are already under investigation
    for abuse of power charges, and hope the public won’t notice.

    This saves a LOT of time. This is the kind of CHANGE
    McCain will bring. ;-)

    (Palin abuse of power investigation)

  2. It always amazes me that conservatives, who denounce any talk of bias or historical wrongs as whining and wearing victimhood crowns, are always the first to blame this “liberal media bias” if anything is said that they don’t agree with.

    Even with the internet and blogs 85% of everything most Americans see, hear or read is controlled by only six corporations at last count. These companies are hardly the bastions of left wing radicalism that many on the right like to claim.

    Anyway, in my opinion, Sarah Palin is basically getting a free pass from the media. McCain nominates a relative unknown which is his right. I don’t understand it because even though I’m not a Republican and don’t agree with their worldview, I can see at least 10 other women who would be better qualified. In any case, McCain nominates her to be a canidate for the 2nd highest office basically in the “free” world and grilling her about her credentials is disrespectful?

    As far as her personal life goes, I don’t care. I wouldn’t care if her daughter had 10 boyfriends and 3 babies. Hell, I wouldn’t even care if the nasty rumor about the youngest Palin baby were true. It’s none of my business. It’s the right who wears their supposed “family values” like a political uniform.

    She just is not qualified. Point blank. If the Republicans want to prove me wrong then come up with some hard, empirical evidence. Take Palin off the leash and let her answer some hardball questions.

  3. “Take Palin off the leash and let her answer some hardball questions.”

    Perhaps you should watch the Gibson interviews. She’s already done that.

  4. In case you haven’t heard- Obama’s new ad mocks McCain for not being able to send email, a result of his injuries as a POW. And Charlie Gibson’s interview footage not only edited out many things Palin said that were positive and reasonable- he also clipped, cut and pasted her responses to paint her in a negative light. This has gone too far.

  5. Swandiver, you might have been able to reasonably argue that six corporations control the media [true]; you might have been able to squeeze out that argument about corporations not being “bastions of left-wing radicalism.”

    But clearly you jumped off the edge of the cliff when you say “Sarah Palin is basically getting a free pass from the media.”

    She’s been savaged by left-wing bloggers and the media, all of whom refused to do their job vetting Barack Obama for the past 18 months. So do something about your intellectual dishonesty; it undermines your credibility.

    Governor Palin is more qualified to be VP than Barack Obama is qualified to be President. Certainly McCain is qualified to be President. Joe Biden is qualified to be either one. Obama is qualified to be neither.

    And, when is the media, and all their intellectually dishonest minions-like Swandiver-going to stop putting John McCain in his grave while he’s still alive. He should do an ad using that old saying, “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!”

    Oh. Wait. That’s the best argument AGAINST Obama out there for rallying the base and demoralizing Democrats: Joe Biden is a heartbeat away from the Presidency!

  6. This made me laugh with a hardy har….

    It is actually the Dailey KOS who are ‘Lizards of Satan”.

  7. Palin has already had more hard questions tjhan Obama…………..A typical question for Obama is how red was your red wagon…..This guy has been a candidate for 2 yrs and has not been asked a hard question yet by the msm….

  8. I never thought I would be an undecided at this point, but I am. To anyone worried about the biased MSM coverage and the Palin smears from the left, don’t worry, it’s all very effective in helping me decide to not vote for Obama.

  9. Christian liberal is an oxyMORON.

    Your messiah isn’t qualified to run a Dunkin’ Donuts and yet he wants us to believe he’s ready to be POTUS.


  10. Barak Obama has been running for President almost two years. The media, including his opponents in both the Democratic and Republican parties have had ample chance to properly vet his policies, political stances and qualifacations. Here’s what we got:

    1. Instead of wanting clarification on what Barak Obama meant by diplomatic relations with the Iranians, we got dubious allegations and outright lies about his personal religious beliefs.

    2. When Barak Obama wants to talk about moving away from dependence on fossil fuel and reshaping the American economy with a comprehensive plan based on renewable and sustainable energy sources, all he got in return was, “Drill, baby drill!”.

    3. Barak Obama must be held responsible for the political view of the pastor of his former church yet Palin should never be held to account for the political views of hers.

    He’s had to endure allegations that his wife is unAmerican, that he’s unAmerican, that his work relieving the suffering of people involved in a crumbling economy is not “real work”. And Ken has the nerve to say he’s never been asked a hard question? What MSM are you listening to/reading?

  11. “christianliberal, on September 13th, 2008 at 10:12 am Said:
    Bush Method:
    Choose staff members who are strictly right wing loyalists,
    Let them remain in power until their incompetence either screws
    the public or they get investigated for some crime.
    McCain Method:
    Choose staff members who are already under investigation
    for abuse of power charges, and hope the public won’t notice.
    This saves a LOT of time. This is the kind of CHANGE
    McCain will bring.
    (Palin abuse of power investigation)

    Obama method:

    Create a fictitious life filled with false “facts” and phony anecdotes, pad a thin resume with fictitious “accomplishment”, learn your political skills in the cesspool of Chicago machine politics, work your way to national prominence based solely upon charisma and rhetoric, play the race card, play the class warfare card, promise additional “free” government services to buy votes, employee and embrace hate-filled vile left-wing groups to savage your opponents, change your positions on just about everything on a daily basis to pander to everyone, and promise Change, but deliver the same old tired Democrat socialist message so favored by the extreme left-wing liberals.

  12. What is the matter with the media? They have lost all objectivity, sense of balance or fairplay. First they attacked every thing that Hillary said or did, even what she looked like and the sound of her voice., At the same time that gave Obama a free pass - never looking into his Chicago background, his slim resume, or unsavory friendships. If anyone did have the guts to ask him an uncomfortable question, the media and his followers went crazy-guaranteeing that no one else would dare to challenge the anointed one. This is where the Democratic party lost me- a lifelong member and loyal voter and my family. Now that the media has sold their souls for Obama, they are not about to let an old man and a young woman scotch the deal. They will be vicious and relentless in their continuing efforts to slant the news and “cover” their hero. Let’s hope that Americans can see through their puffery and turn down Obama’s offer to create a new world order - with himself as the deity.

  13. swandiver, on September 13th, 2008 at 2:08 pm Said:
    Barak Obama has been running for President almost two years.
    So, it’s finally admitted. All he’s done since coming to Washington is run for president? The media has been in the tank for him since is keynote speech in 2004. Now that his campaign is sailing for the rocks, the media is having paroxisms of rage that anyone dare disbelieve untoward bias toward him. The media is totally irrelevant now and justifiably so.

  14. Respectfully, the so-called “news media” fell off their horse at least two presidential-election cycles ago, if not a couple or three decades ago.

    It’s just taken cataylst Barack Obama to ignite them in such a way that their amoral, unethical, unprofessional and generally degenerate behavior are unmistakably revealed.

    Think of that irony: The pretend journalists being undone through a pretender.

  15. The Left has gone so far as say Palin isn’t a woman (I guess she found the 5 kids under rocks). There is only one step of character assassination remaining and they are getting desperate enough to sink to that level. Wait for it;.

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