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    To me Purple People are those of us who are neither Republican Red nor Democrat Blue; we find ourselves in between. The internet often represents those on the far left or the far right; this site is for those of us in the middle.

    Since there are a variety of non-conformists that consider themselves Independents, here's a clarification. The point of view of this blog is basically Realist/Libertarian light...

    -Pro Small Government, bureaucracies tend to be wasteful and inefficient.

    -Government should not be the morality police.

    -Less waste, lower taxes. Taxes are okay if spent wisely. Roads and schools need funding. Be smart with my money and I won't complain.

    -Government shouldn't babysit adults. Help kids and assist people who have serious problems, but stop trying to protect everyone from themselves.

    -Foreign policy should be conducted by people with brains and experience. Think, don't be reckless and don't be politically motivated. Remember that the U.S. is not the only country in the world.

    -Tone down the rhetoric and remember your manners. Play nicely and don't belittle people who disagree with you.

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American’s Practical Support of A Free Iran

The role Twitter has played in the Iranian protests has served the secondary function of drawing a lot of people into the cause of supporting a free Iran. Yet with this has come some complaints that people are not educated enough to suddenly support a free Iran when a week ago many of those same people could not even name the two people running for president. This isn’t a completely unfair criticism, as following Twitter and the news recently does not make someone an expert. However, what has been made abundantly clear by Iran’s reaction to the vote, and that Iran experts do not dispute, is that this is an oppressive regime. The protests don’t prove Mousavi won the election, but they do show that there is significant distrust of the government and a strong desire for change amongst the people.

It is good for the critics to point out that a Mousavi run government would not likely be anything close to what Americans consider free. It is wise for those participating via Twitter to understand that the government won’t back down, and that protesters face an uphill battle. However, it is also good to understand those supporting a free Iran are, at the root of things, standing up for democracy and basic human right. Asking for a government to verify its vote and not to oppress or brutalize its citizens is reasonable, and a worthy cause.

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