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The Desperate Media

The media continues to bungle stories and smear Governor Palin.  As the the Boston Herald points out in their article Front Runner Unplugged the media is showing their desperation in trying to get Senator Obama elected. However, they’re actually hurting their favorite candidate, by creating a Palin narrative.

According to their narrative, Obama was swamped by Hurricane Sarah. Gov. Palin is a political typhoon destroying all in her wake, and mere media mortals can only tremble in awe before her mighty wrath!

Please. Palin may be able to take down a rabid moose at 100 yards with a hockey puck, but she isn’t killing the Obama campaign.

To paraphrase James Carville, “It’s the media, stupid.”

The national media are dominated by enthusiastic Obama supporters desperate to see Obama the Enlightened win the White House, heal our souls, reset our thermostats and shut down the Fox News Channel.

And that’s precisely how their coverage of Palin comes across: desperate.

The media has thrown every imaginable charge at Palin, from banning books to cheating her way to the much-coveted title of Miss Wasilla. Along the way, media outlets like The New York Times [NYT], MSNBC and The Boston Globe-Democrat have gotten story after story just plain wrong.

Palin does not support teaching creationism in science class.

She didn’t fire the Wasilla librarian for not banning books that Palin didn’t like.

As governor she signed budget increases - not cuts - for programs targeting teen pregnancy and special-needs children.

And on and on - so many false and silly stories that entire Web sites have been established just to correct them.

And yet the misreporting continues.

As mentioned in the article What is the Media Thinking?, media bias is nothing new or shocking, but their treatment of Governor Palin is so extreme it is shocking. The press is flat out making things up, it is as bizarre as it gets. People like Kieth Olberman call her a liar, but then you check out the facts and it turns out that facts weren’t used. For many Palin was an exciting VP pick, but for the media it is apparently the final straw that pushed them over the edge.

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  1. Well, they were desperate til Obama pacified them again with a new slogan:


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