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Palin Craziness

I’m disturbed by the way people have reacted to Governor Palin.  There is no middle ground, she’s either heroine of devil.  I doubt either is true.  Will she be the red state conservative, or will she be the gentle mother of a disabled child we all empathize with - either, both, I have no idea. 

I like that when the media put the screws to her she performed, but that doesn’t mean she automatically gets my vote next election.  The media’s coverage of Governor Palin has been absurd.  I’ve never seen a male candidate have to defend his parenthood or defend the way he dresses; they should be ashamed of their blantant BS, but I know they’re not.  So I say ‘let it ride’ this political/media BS will pass, then we can decide on Governor Palin on her resume, the same thing most of us have to qualify on.  Forget the clothes, forget the rumors, forget the nastiness, let’s remember the basics; what are the true qualities we look for, not the garbage the media tells us to look at. 

Good Luck Governor Palin; tell me why I should vote for you next election…

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  1. Well I think the media coverage was spot on, but you know me. hehehhehe

    Anyways John Edwards got some heat for his $400 dollar hair cuts.

    It just that Palin was representing herself as something she was not……she could have refuse the clothes and say those are not me, but she decided to take them.

    The McCain campaign tried to portray Obama as an elitist who buys lattes, but here they are shopping at fancy stores and giving Palin and her family clothes they didn’t need.

    Tell me, why did Piper (Palin’s younger daughter) need a Louis Vuittion purse or why did Palin’s husband need clothes for?

  2. heavenly, this post strikes me a bit naive. to reduce strong women in politics to clothes talk is classic. of course you need great outfits in a presidential campaign with millions of spectators. our country as most others have not advanced to accept women for their brains, competence and natural beauty. there has to be a perfect wardrobe appearance. compare costs for obama who needs to bolster his foreign policy credentials and travels to the middle east with newly decorated plane with an entourage of dozens of foreign policy experts and a huge selected press core contingent. compare the low cost for palin who meets the same guys in new york at the UN meeting.
    thats what i call extravagant. also the millions for the invesco field speech in denver. have you forgotten the media outrage when hillary came to the white house and dared to wear clothes which were perfect as long as she was Arkansas’ first lady. and now when it would be appropriate to write about the impact governor Palin had on the race, entering as an outsider, NEW York Post has nothing better to do than writing about sorting out the clothes.

  3. @anna5-I agree that kmorrison33’s post is naive ;) ,but HEY I can’t tell the creator of this blog what to write. :D HEE~

  4. [...] but says she wants proof because she doesn’t like rumors and blatant lies. Way to go, Gerri.) (2) Palin Craziness Forget the clothes, forget the rumors, forget the nastiness, let’s remember the [...]

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