The Independent Appeal of John McCain

Despite the rants of some conservative radio commentators, the appeal that Senator McCain has to Independents isn’t that ‘he’s a liberal’, it’s that he’s principled. He gets things done. One reason I think conservative radio has become so mad isn’t because they disagree with him on issues, it’s because he has repeatedly stated that he won’t bash or belittle his political opponents. This is conservative radio’s forte, and Senator McCain’s approach may be seen as a threat. However, to many Independents it’s music to our ears. There are plenty of people left, right, and center that are simply sick of the bickering. There’s plenty to discuss and debate with out lowering the level of discourse to that of a junior high argument. The other aspect that angers some conservatives is that he not only opposed them on certain positions, but he headed up the legislation for those contrary views. As an Independent I see this as a positive. He knows how to reach across the isle, and he’s a worker. He doesn’t just sit on his hands and say ‘well they don’t completely agree with me therefore I’ll do nothing’. Good Senators have to compromise otherwise there’s gridlock, and Senator McCain is a good Senator. There’s also an appeal to this because it shows that his loyalty to his beliefs and the American people takes precedence to party loyalty. Some party people may not like that, but that is sorely needed in politics right now.

Now the reason I think he’ll win the race in November is issues and content. First Iraq and foreign policy: he knows more about war and foreign policy issues than any other candidate by miles. He was right about Iraq and staked his career on his support of the surge when it was very unpopular to do so. He knows the political players around the world, he’s been there he’s talked to many of them, and he simply knows his stuff. The Democrats really can’t hold a candle to him in this area. Even though the supposition is that the Iraq War is unpopular therefore the Democrats win, if people come to this election with an open mind he wins those open-minded people in a landslide. Second, he has an excellent human rights record. He addressed the situation with the monks in Burma, the genocide in Darfur, protection of children from online predators, opposed torture, and whenever an issue of human rights comes up Senator McCain is there front and center. This is an area I hope the campaign plays up more, because conventional thinking may give Democrats the edge on human rights, but the conventional wisdom is wrong. Finally, there’s experience. (I’ll skip health care and taxes for the sake of brevity.) Senator McCain is simply far more qualified to be president. He’s applying for the hardest job on earth, and it’s not an entry-level position. Experience matters, and he’s the guy who has it. He’s one of the most qualified candidates that the country has seen in years, and I look forward to the debates.

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