CNN Can’t Contain Their Big Obama Love

Last week CNN on the front page of its web site featured an article titled Unlike McCain, Many Seniors Surf the Web. Listed in their technology section, is this really a politically unbias approach to discussing seniors on the internet? In another more dubious manner CNN again showed that it just can’t contain its Obama Love by citing a poll from a German tabloid as reported by Newsbusters*,

How many Germans would vote for Barack Obama for our president? CNN claims to know. During the last weekend that Barack Obama was in Germany, CNN used a graphic on the Wolf Blitzer show that claimed that 72% of Germans preferred Obama with only a mere 11% who favored John McCain. Of course, CNN didn’t think it relevant to mention that only 501 Germans were even polled, nor that the poll was conducted by German pollster Emnid for a notorious tabloid newspaper named Bild — not the most trustworthy of sources.

Apparently people are seeing this bias as statistic show that CNN’s credibility ranking has dropped significantly in the last ten years**,

Changing public views of CNN perhaps best exemplify these trends. In 1998, 42% of those familiar enough with CNN to rate the network said they believed all or most of what CNN reported, significantly more than for any broadcast or cable news outlet tested. Today, just 28% give CNN the highest believability rating, a share which is statistically indistinguishable from most other television news sources.

* News Busters - CNN’s Questionable Use of Tabloid’s Poll to Tally German Obama Support

** The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press - Online Papers Modestly Boost Newspaper Readership

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  1. I don’t even bother to watch (CNN). Completely biased propaganda. Yellow journalism at best.

  2. Haven’t listened to that droning voice Wolf Blitzer, and the fatuous comment supplied by everyone else.for years…long before their lovechild came around.
    They have no credibility except with the Very Far Left.

  3. Somebody’s apparently watching “Credible News-Not!”

  4. I dropped CNN and MSNBC last week after they made erroneous report biased against Hillary (no surprise there) where they had very easy way to check their source. I checked the source with one phonecall and proved to myself that I am more journalistic than CNN. Out went CNN, MSNBC (disgusting!).. I added FOXNews. Hope they continue to be (a bit more) on the balanced news reporting side.

    MSM reporters have to earn their credibility with me.

  5. Jack Cafferty is a biased hack … instead of being an objective journalist, he’s consistently chosen to be in the tank for Obama. When McCain wins in November, Cafferty and the rest of the media cronies who have tried to cram Obama down our throats, will all be irrelevant.

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