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Meeting Akmadinajad With Out Preconditions

Tonight’s debate touched on Senator Obama’s statement during a previous debate about meeting with Akmadinajad and other foreign dictators without preconditions. Here’s the clip…

New Video

8 Responses

  1. The video is no longer available (from that source).

  2. So talking to other world leaders is wrong?

    How do you expect we get through this world without talking or interacting with other leaders?

    Have you not learn anything your mother taught you?

    If you don’t talk things out you will never get anywhere in life. With friends or with foes.

  3. The video is now gone… hmmm i wonder why?

  4. Heaven - your comment is truly naive. The world is not a social club.

  5. No truly you are naive to think the world is not a social club.

    Definition of “SOCIAL”

    co-operative, relations of (mutual) dependence, interactive systems in communities of animal or insect populations, or any living organism, “a system of common life”, etc.


    Also look at our stock market crisis…….and now go and and see if Europe, Asia, and other countries are not going through the same thing.

    And also look at NATO.

  6. Also do you think that everything in your home is American made?

  7. Or if anything you eat is just from the States?
    Or if everything you wear in American made?

    Or if everyone living in the United States was born here?

    Now think again to yourself if I am the “Naive” one.

  8. Heavenly, I think perhaps I can do a better job of saying what John is thinking.

    the PRESIDENT should not meet directly with Akmadinajad without preconditions. Lack of preconditions would imply that Akmadinajad is right in his statements and lowers the United States to a level of giving into him, not him giving into us.

    DIPLOMATS are what need to be utilized, diplomats are important because they dont legitimize Akmadinajad.

    its not the talking that is bad, it is the implications of our president directly meeting with him.

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