Obama’s ACORN Cover Up

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports in their article Obama to Amend Report on $800,000 in Spending that Obama tried to cover up his $800,000+ payment to ACORN by giving it to an ACORN front organization. In fact the reported group Citizens Services in shares an address and has the same political director as ACORN. The question still has not been asked or answered by the Obama campaign; why would a political campaign donate close to a million dollars to a “community service” organization in the middle of a campaign? And why would a campaign donate to a group that has members who were convicted on voter fraud in Washington and Missouri, and is under investigation in several other states?

The Ohio primary was March 4. According to FEC records, the Obama campaign paid Citizens Services Inc. $832,598.29, from Feb. 25 to May 17.

A Trib analysis of campaign finance reports showed Obama paid CSI for services that stood out as unusual. For example, CSI received payments of $63,000 and $75,000 for advance work. Excluding the large payments to CSI, the average amount the Obama campaign spent with other organizations was $558.82 per check on more than 1,200 entries classified as advance work.

Citizens Services Inc. is headquartered at the same address as ACORN’s national headquarters in New Orleans. Citizens Services was established in December 2004 to “assist persons and organizations who advance the interests of low- and moderate-income people,” according to paperwork filed in Louisiana. In a 2006 ACORN publication, Citizen Services Inc. is described as “ACORN’s campaign services entity.”…

Early in his career, Obama worked as an organizer for Project Vote, an ACORN offshoot, and represented ACORN in legal actions, according to various published reports, including Associated Press articles. ACORN’s political action committee endorsed Obama in the primary.

The organization has sparked controversy.

Accusations of voter fraud have followed ACORN’s canvassing projects in about a dozen states. ACORN has dismissed the charges as politically motivated allegations from conservative groups, yet cases are pending and, in other cases, ACORN workers have entered guilty pleas. For example, three ACORN workers pleaded guilty to submitting phony voter registration forms in Washington, and eight ACORN employees pleaded guilty to federal election fraud in Missouri.

ACORN is at the center of a scandal involving a $1 million embezzlement by Dale Rathke, brother of ACORN founder Wade Rathke. ACORN discovered the embezzlement in 2000 but did not alert law enforcement officials…

Robinson is listed on several Web sites as national deputy political director for campaigns and elections at ACORN. He is also listed as political director at the nonprofit Communities Voting Together and as a consultant at Project Vote. He did not return phone calls or an e-mail request for a follow-up interview.

Money flows back and forth between ACORN, Citizens Services Inc., Project Vote and Communities Voting Together. ACORN posts job ads for Citizens Services and Project Vote. Communities Voting Together contributed $60,000 to Citizens Services Inc., for example, in November 2005, according to a posting on CampaignMoney.com. Project Vote has hired ACORN and CSI as its highest paid contractors, paying ACORN $4,649,037 in 2006 and CSI $779,016 in 2006, according to Terry of the Consumers Rights League.

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  1. Here’s Barky caught on video before he threw Acorn under the bus: He’s taking them to the White House,
    Video:Obama Telling Community Organizers Including ACORN Lobbyist That They Will Set His Agenda

  2. http://toogoodreports.com/dsa.htm

    Q: How many members of the U.S. Congress are also members of the DSA?
    A: Fifty-six!

    Q: How many of the DSA members sit on the Judiciary Committee?
    A: Six: John Conyers [who will become Chairman of the Judiciary Committee if the Democrats re-take control of the House], Barney Frank, Jerrold Nadler, Robert Scott, Melvin Watt, and Maxine Waters [there are 16 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee of which six (38%) are now members of the DSA].

    Q: Who are these members of Congress?
    A: See the table below

    Representative (State-District) Address Phone, Fax
    Rep Earl Hilliard (AL-07)
    Rep Eni Faleomavaega
    Rep Ed Pastor (AZ-02)
    Rep Lynn C Woolsey (CA-06) Rep George Miller (CA-07)
    Rep Nancy Pelosi (CA-08)
    Rep Fortney “Pete” Stark (CA-13)
    Rep Henry A. Waxman (CA-29)
    Rep Xavier Becerra (CA-30)
    Rep Julian C. Dixon (CA-32)
    Rep Esteban Edward Torres (CA-34)
    Rep Maxine Waters (CA-35)
    Rep George E. Brown (CA-42)
    Rep Bob Filner (CA-50)
    Rep Diane DeGette (CO-01)
    Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC-AL
    Rep Carrie P. Meek (FL-17)
    Rep Alcee L. Hastings (FL-23)
    Rep Cynthia A. McKinney (GA-04)
    Rep John Lewis (GA-05)
    Rep Neil Abercrombie (HI-01
    Rep Patsy Mink (HI-02) -
    Rep Jesse Jackson (IL-02)
    Rep Luis Gutierrez (IL-04)
    Rep Danny Davis (IL-07)
    Rep Lane Evans (IL-17)
    Rep Julia Carson (IN-10)
    Rep John Olver (MA-01)
    Rep Jim McGovern (MA-03)
    Rep Barney Frank (MA-04)
    Rep John Tierney (MA-06)
    Rep David Bonior (MI-10)
    Rep Lynn N. Rivers (MI-13)
    Rep John Conyers (MI-14)
    Rep Bennie G. Thompson
    Rep Melvin L. Watt (NC-12)
    Rep Donald Payne (NJ-10)
    Rep Jerrold Nadler (NY-08)
    Rep Major Owens (NY-11)
    Rep Nydia M. Velazquez (NY-12)
    Rep Charles Rangel (NY-15)
    Rep Maurice Hinchey (NY-26)
    Rep John LaFalce (NY-29)
    Rep Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)
    Rep Dennis Kucinich (OH-10) 5745
    Rep Louis Stokes (OH-11)
    Rep Sherrod Brown (OH-13)
    Rep Elizabeth Furse (OR-01)
    Rep Peter A. DeFazio (OR-04)
    Rep Chaka Fatah (PA)
    Rep William Coyne (PA-14)
    Rep Carlos A. Romero-Barcelo (PR-AL) 2443
    Rep Robert C. Scott (VA-03)
    Rep Bernard Sanders (VT-AL)
    Rep James A McDermott (WA-07)

    *Source: DSA [http://www.dsausa.org/]

  3. Folks, let’s wake up and just admit that we’ve probably lost this round.

    But let’s think about it for a moment. While the DNC (and yes, I blame them and their obviously unbalanced Chairman Howard Dean) has clearly hijacked this election (probably going as far back as the primaries, where Senator Clinton was the victim) and there has been massive fraud in the form of illegal donations to the DNC and Obama and there is no doubt hundreds of thousands of illegal votes will be cast on November 4th, it’s probably too late for us to keep Obama out of the White House.

    What we need to concentrate on now is becoming politically (and financially) active between now and the 2010 mid-terms. I believe that in the next 12 to 18 months there will be an avalanche of provable links and questionable (even illegal) activities that finally come to light that will render Obama impotent and most likely limit him to one term.

    1) We ALL need to donate to the RNC between now and 2010. Let them build up a warchest for the Mid-Terms, but more importantly funnel money to them to mount legal challenges and investigations into all the allegations that have surfaced so far and all the things we suspect will come to light after the election. Money talks in this political environment and the more we give the RNC, the more they can do to limit the damage Pelosi, Reid, Obama and Dean can do.

    2) We need to start positioning our local candidates (or likely candidates) for 2010 and 2012, NOW. Talk to your friends, get them interested in Palin/Jindal as a potential national ticket. Look at who in your State government might be ready to step up and run for Congress or the Senate. Talk to your friends and neighbors about them. Talk to the RNC about them. Send them E-mails encouraging them to run. Start the groundswell now.

    Times are likely to be tough in the next couple of years, but we ALL need to be prepared to not only write checks to the RNC to build a monsterous warchest prior to the 2010 and 2012 elections, but also save our pennies and dimes so that when a viable candidate emerges in your area for the House and Senate you can support their campaign. Also, we all need to be thinking about how much we’d have to put away over the next 4 years to give “max” donations to the Republican Nominee for President in 2012.

    If the DNC is going to funnel millions (or hundreds of millions) of offshore donations to their candidate, it’s incumbant upon US (real citizens) to offset that through a legal groundswell and an avalanche of legitimate dollars.

    Let’s make a difference NOW so we’re not playing catch-up during the next election cycle.

  4. Everyone needs to go to view Attorney Berg’s federal lawsuit filed in Philadelphia and read the petition to the court. http://www.obamacrimes.com and ask your self why doesn’t Obama just provide his original birth certificate?

    Why doesn’t he provide his medical records?

    Why doesn’t he provide his college records?

    Do the medical records, show he has a psychological problem as noted by many of his peers in college? That perhaps his extensive crack cocaine smoking and drug dealing to to other students and children, affect him mentally?

    Also, why did his paternal grandmother in Kenya, state at the beginning, she was present, in Kenya, when Obama was born?

    Why did all of a sudden, he head to Kenya and silence his relatives and grandmother?

    Why did he run down to Hawaii for a vacation, when we were having a world-wide crisis when Russia invaded Georgia?

    Why did he state one hospital where he was born, and his half-sister and maternal grandmother state a different hospital?

    In addition, when the person who uses the alias “Barrack Hussein Obama” went to live in Indonesia, when his mother married another Muslim man, the Indonesia law required the step-father to legally adopted and/or legally acknowledge him, as his son. He legally adopted the boy and gave him the name “Barry Mohamed Soetoro”.

    The mother enrolled the newly minted Barry Mohamed Soetoro in Islamic Muslim schools under the name Barry Soetoro and identifying his religion as Islamic, so he could attend.

    Then years later, this person, who uses the alias “Barrack Obama Hussein” arrives and is now attempting run for the office of Presidency of the United States. Under our constitution, the minimal requirements are: 35 years of age, resided last 14 years in US and be a natural born citizen.

    When he went to Indonesia, and was adopted/acknowledged legally by his Muslim step-father, he was no longer a natural born citizen. If and when he returned, since Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship, when his step-father adopted him, he was bestowed citizenship only as an Indonesian, at that point, he forfeited his natural born citizenship as an American, and would have to go to the then INS and become a Naturalized Citizen, and therefore not able under our Constitution to run for the Presidency.

    Now this person, who goes by the alias Barrack Hussein Obama is trying to distance himself from an organization of which he was a trainer and supervisor of. As the trainer, he must of had taught them how and when to pull the race card, how to falsify vote roles and all the other illegal activities he learned from the dirty world of Chicago politics.

    Go to http://www.ObamaCrimes.com and read the federal lawsuit and ask yourself, what is so hard about producing a birth certificate? Why make it a federal case? Also, why all of a sudden, the DNC is involved?


  5. Oh, and in fairness to my Blue friends out there (and there are plenty).

    Are any of you really happy with the way your Party is being run right now?

    Take your party back. I don’t believe that rank and file Democrats across the nation are socialists at heart.

    If you don’t act now, you might find yourself being treated like Joe Libermann. Loyal for years and then tossed aside by the Radicals taking over the party.

    I respect the Democratic Party ideals, I just can’t respect the current Democratic Party leadership or their dubious tactics. I doubt you do either, so please take your party back so the Nation can rely on two Parties to represent the vast majority of our citizens. Not one that represents 40% and one that (right now) represents maybe 15%.

    We all suffer when one of the major parties takes a major zig zag towards either the Left OR the Right.

  6. I found your site while looking for stuff to do while in Hawaii. Cool stuff, glad I stumbled across you.

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