Radio Free Europe: Iran Protest Marchers Chant “Allah Akbar” and “Death To the Dictator” #IranElection

From Radio Free Europe - Hundreds Protest In Tehran Despite Officials’ Warnings

Despite warnings from Iranian authorities, including the governor of Tehran, hundreds of people have taken to the streets of the capital to mark the anniversary of the 1999 student uprising and to protest against the results of the June presidential vote.

Hundreds of protesters chanting “Allah Akbar” (God is great) and “Death to the dictator” clashed with police forces who beat them and used tear gas to disperse them.

The clashes broke out as protesters headed toward Tehran University to mark the anniversary of the student unrest that was brutally crushed by the authorities 10 years ago.

Some of the protestors wore surgical masks so that their faces couldn’t be identified by security forces.

One protestor, coughing amid the tear gas, told Radio Farda that participants urged each other not to run away and to keep marching peacefully.

A heavy presence of police and Basij militia was reported on some of the streets leading to Vali Asr Square, the scene of some of the protests that followed Iran’s recent elections.

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